Complete Essential Oil Collection Bundle

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The Best Essential Oils Guide- Live Healthy, Live Happy, and Save Money

Make the most of your essential oils with this comprehensive collection bundle!

Grab all the best-selling recipes, information, and tools for one low price!

$127.89 ONLY $29.99


  • There are 150+ easy recipes that you can make and use to support your health.
  • Enjoy tips for using essential oils safely.
  • It greatly improves your ability to use essential oils safely and create essential oil recipes to support your health, and it will also save you lots of time and energy!
  • There is an essential oil recipe online template with a how-to tutorial which demonstrates how to organize and access all your recipes in one place!
  • There is also an essential oil printable pack with a place to list your favorite oils, recipes, essential oil inventory, and notes!
  • Get all the best recipes, information, and tools in one place!
  • All e-books come formatted in an easy-to-navigate .PDF file that you can print out if needed.
  • No worries! These guides and recipes are non-brand specific.
  • And much, much more!


  • 5 invigorating essential oil diffuser recipes to use each day
  • Lists of the essential oils safe for pregnancy and essential oils safe for babies in an easily printed format.
  • 12 pages of easy to print, detailed roller bottle recipes for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, women, and men.


This complete essential oils guide and bundle will teach you how to use essential oils safely, how to make essential oil recipes, and provides 150+ essential oil recipes you can start using today! Get all the best recipes, information, and tools in one place!

Using essential oils doesn’t have to be difficult. These e-books make it super easy to start getting rid of toxins in your life, and start using natural products like essential oils. I made these e-books and recipes easy to follow and use because I know it’s easier to stick with something if it’s simple to incorporate into our crazy lives! Your health is so important. These e-books make using essential oils simple, and they help you on your journey towards living a healthier lifestyle.

This complete essential oils guide and bundle contains all of the best-selling resources for one low price:

1. 75+ Simple Essential Oil Recipes (a $17 value) included in bundle

2. Essential Oil Roller Bottle Guide (a 9.99 value) included in bundle

3. Essential Oils for Stress (a $9.99 value) included in bundle

4. Essential Oil Recipes- Women's Collection (a $9.99 value) included in bundle

5. Glowing Skin Cleanse (a $9.97 value) included in bundle

6. Top 22 Must-Have Essential Oil Recipes (a $9.97 value) included in bundle

7. Essential Oil Recipes- Kid's Collection (a $7.99 value) included in bundle

8. Essential Oil Recipes Template on Trello and How-to Use Trello Tutorial (a $9.99 value) included in bundle

9. Essential Oil Recipes Binder- Blank Recipe Book (a $15 value) included in bundle

10. Essential Oil Recipes Blank Recipe Binder- New Rainbow Design (a $15 value) included in bundle

11. 50 Most Popular Essential Oil Tips (a $10 value) included in bundle

Buy the e-Guides individually for $127.89 or purchase this Complete Essential Oils Collection Bundle today for only $29.99. (That’s a savings of over 70%!)

Here's what they are saying about this essential oils guide:

“This 75+ Simple Essential Oil e-Book is so very helpful and everything you need in one place! The recipes include only single oils which works well for me since I buy mostly only single oils and from different companies. From DIY cleaning recipes to skin and hair, this book includes it all! I’m especially looking forward to trying out the different diffuser recipes. Great book! Very valuable!“ - Denise

"The 75+ Essential Oil Recipes e-Book has been such a helpful resource when creating non-toxic essential oil recipes for my family. I access the information often. It's in an easy to use format with lots of great information!" - Katherine

"I am just getting started with essential oils, and I found the 75+ Essential Oil Recipes e-book very helpful with a lot of resources." - Diane

Plus, it looks pretty!

I mean, doesn't your simple guide HAVE to look good? 

All the pages in these guides are professionally and beautifully designed. 

Easy to read font sizes and lots of space for you to take notes if needed! 

It's totally instagram-worthy!

Easy printing!

Everything comes in an e-version, but as you can see in the pictures they are in a super simple format to print!

This bundle is designed to be printed on standard letter size 8.5×11 plain white paper. 

You can bind it in ring coil, hole-punch and insert all pages into your favorite binder, or use the beautiful gold or rose gold discs (as shown in the picture above) by The Happy Planner! 

Don’t stress – it’s super easy! You can print at home or at a local Copy & Print Center.

Customer Reviews

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Christie Mcfadden
1st Order

Love the collection. Easy to download.

Leanne Creusot

Complete Essential Oil Collection Bundle


I'm still reading the various different sections, but what I have so far seems informative, well written and beautifully presented. The Roller Ball Book is especially wonderful, as are all the blend suggestions and such too. Really concise, clear points and a true sense of reassurance in the information.


Ty I really love this bundle it's all u need in 1

So much info!

This bundle has been such a great resource to have! I printed everything out and put it in a nice binder. It's so easy to use, and now I have such great recipes and information. Plus I love using the essential oil recipe prints to write down all my favorite recipes! Highly recommend!!

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