Essential Oils for Stress Guide

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This collection is a complete guide on how to naturally reduce stress and how to calm anxious feelings with essential oils.


  • Instant access to this 24-page Stress Collection loaded with over 55 ways to reduce stress and calm anxious feelings with essential oils plus all the best kept secrets. Reeni's got you totally covered!
  • 9 bonus diffuser and roller bottle recipes for everyday use.
  • Challenge designed to help you reduce stress in 7 days!
  • Calming essential oil bath recipes.
  • A blank checklist to help you prioritize these natural ways to reduce stress!
  • Beautifully designed .PDF for an easy read.
  • Bonuses included: three easy to print sheets for essential oil safety information, a dilution chart to use, and a list of the top 10 essential oils for reducing stress.
  • No worries! This collection talks about single essential oils, and is non-brand specific.

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This collection is a GAME CHANGER! With over 55 ways to use essential oils to reduce stress and calm anxious feelings, I wish I would have had this years back when life started getting crazy. So many late nights, headaches, and tears that could have been avoided if I had know the right ways to support my body. If you're experiencing stressful situations and are looking for natural ways to support your body, then this is the guide for you!

You can print this off and keep it close, or keep it digital and reference it when needed. Regardless you are going to be able to use essential oils to support your body in so many different ways.This guide helps set you up for success! You will be giving yourself the tools to reduce the stress and calm anxious feelings in your life, and since it is an instant download, you can start using these TODAY! Trust me: this one's a keeper!

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